Free Songs Download on Apple iPhones Using Mobile Apps

Apple Company has removed all the music download apps from the store of the Apple iPhone. Thus, free songs download into Apple iPhone has become a tedious and time-consuming task. By doing this, the Apple phones manufacturer tends to protect the musicians and other music companies from piracy and illegal downloading of the music albums and songs. In spite of this effort, there are few applications which are useful for free songs download onto your iPhone.


  • Spotify: This app is mostly used in the United States of America. It is mostly used by iPhone users to download music from all the genres including rock, pop, classic, and others. By using the search menu, one can search and download any track of their choice. Mostly used for streaming but one can also save the tracks for listening in the offline mode.
  • Free MP3box: This app is used for streaming the music, but the users of this app feel this is the best application for free songs download. The freeMP3box users can stream songs of their choice similar to the search done on YouTube. All the music played in this app is legal.
  • Tidal: This app is similar to Spotify app. One can get access to tracks and music of high quality by paying $19.99 per month. The features of this app are that it offers sharing of the music, comprehensive functionality and also offline mode for listening to your songs without using the internet by saving the track you like directly into your iPhone.
  • Apple Music App: This app is already installed in all the Apple phones. There are all the necessary functions of music player. As this is part of the iOS, it gets regularly updated with new features. With this app also iPhone users can save the track for listening to it in offline mode.

Thus, all the smart phones users have various options to download their favorite tracks and songs onto their mobile phones, or computers.